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:happybounce: :happybounce: Hey everyone! I'm back from holiday!:happybounce: :happybounce: 

Man what a week it's been for me, I was in Paris for 4 days and at London for 3 days and I'm back home now. If you're wondering, yes I did go to Disneyland Paris but only for two days. Anyway, lots of things happened so I'll just give you a summary of what happened each day.Nod 

Day 1 (12th August) - Started our journey by driving to London Heathrow Airport at 5am and arriving there about 9 or 10. Had some breakfast at a London themed restraunt and got on the plane It was an hour flight and we arrived in Charles de Galle Airport at 2pm local time. We got a shuttle bus to our hotel called Hipark which was a 15 ninute walk from Disneyland. We then went to a supermarket called Auchan to get some supplies for the park tomorrow and went to a italian restraunt for dinner and went back to the hotel to rest.Yawn 

Day 2 - Today was the first day of Disneyland and we decided as a family to do Walt Disney Studios for the day. We first went on the newest ride of that park which was a Rattouille ride, but like all new rides, the queue for it was massive and we spent 1 and a half hours just queueing for it. But it was totally worth it and we decided to look at the Toy Story Playland and it looked fantastic theme wise. La la la la 

We then rested for lunch, had baguette sandwhiches and was watching the lift doors opening at the Hollywood Tower of Terror. I then looked at it and thought, 'It doesn't look to bad...' I wasn't scared, just curious on how it was like, so me, my mum and dad decided to go on it and my brother just watching it and it surprised me on how good it is.Oops! 

Our next ride was this really cool indoor rollercoaster called Rock n Rollercoaster with Aerosmith, 8-) this ride was fantastic and the reviews for it will be below the summary, after these days are done. Anyway, we watched this stunt motor show, which was mostly car chases and explosions and we looked at the queue for Crush's coaster and that was quite long, so we headed out of that park and went to other park and did Space Mountain: Mission 2. Our feet and backs ached so we went back to the hotel and got some rest.Yawn 

Day 3 - It was our last day we could spend inside the parks, so we did what we can in the Park and went on the Indiana Jones ride, then Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Carribean and lastly Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast. We could have done Space Mountain again, but the queue was too long and we done all the rides we could in the park and went straight to Studios to ride our favourite rides again. I am a dummy!  

But there was one ride left we didn't try yet, Crush's Coaster. We first went on that, no matter how long the queue was, we had to ride it. Then we finished off the day by going on Rock n Rollercoaster and Tower of Terror and getting any souviners in the shops.Instead of a restraunt, we had some dinner from what we got at the supermarket and slept.Yawn 

Day 4 - No more Disneyland today, we got on the RER train to the center of Paris and we just went sightseeing starting with the Notre Dame then we saw one of those bridges with lots of padlocks on them, which I'm guessing is a popular trend in Europe generally. We had a walk in Jardin de Luxembourg, saw many historic buildings and at the end of our travels, we saw the Effiel Tower. Got the metro line back to the hotel and had dinner at a restraunt called Del Arte and slept in our room.Yawn 

Day 5 - It was our second day of sightseeing, but there wasn't much to do so it was going to be a short day. We started by getting on the metro line to the Arc de Triomphe and walked the long road of Champs-Elysees down to Place de la Concorde. We then walked through Jardin des Tuileries and to the Louvre. We walked along the River Seine back to the Metro Station back to the hotel and just had some bread and soup for dinner and snacks, since we weren't hungry.

Day 6 - It was time for us to check out the Paris Hotel, but our shuttle to the Airport wasn't around till 4pm local time so we went to Disney Village and see if we could get anything else before we go. My dad took a picture of me and a big Stitch toy and I got some Lego Movie keyrings (love the movie!:happybounce:) and had some lunch. We went back to the hotel at 3pm and waited for the bus to arrive. After the drive, we got on the plane easy and got back to London safe and sound. We checked in our hotel, just a local Premier Inn and had dinner at the pub next to it slept the night with english tv this time. Love 

Day 7 - It was now our first day visiting London for sightseeing.  It wasn't much, but we had a small walk in Hyde park, went to see St. Pauls Cathedral, Shopping arcades and this one shop that I wanted to go to called Forbidden Planet. Not much to talk about in this day but we did go on lots of buses and tubes and saw the streets from the top floors of the buses. Anyway, we had dinner at a restraunt called Zizzi's and had dinner with a friend of my mum's. We got back quite late and slept the night back at the hotel.

Day 8 - The last day of my travels, we had breakfast at the pub, checked out of our hotel and made our way to the Underground tube to Oxford Circus. We then visited my mum's old workplace when she was working in London, then had a look at Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and we took the tube to Canary Walf, which I've only seen it very far away, not up close. After a little walk, we had an early dinner at Pizza Express and my dad driven us back to Plymouth. I am a dummy! 

That's it in a nutshell! Now for the ride reviews:
Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap 

Disneyland Park
Indiana Jones Ride - Quite sharp on corners, but surprised that there was a loop since this was a wooden rollercoaster. Quite a nice average ride.
Thunder Mountain - This one was actually a lot of fun, very noisy as it goes up hills, but a fun mine-train ride and quite a long duration ride. Seemed like it was for 5 minutes.
Pirates of the Carribean - No Captain Jack Sparrow in this sadly, but a nice calm river ride, showing the story.
Space Mountain: Mission 2 - It's quite fast, but they could have lighten it up a little bit more. The planets that you go through should be lighter, but anyway, quite fast and average for me.
Buzz Lightyear's Laser Blast - This one was quite a shame, I expected it to be free moving laser game, but all of the cars are tight togetherand it looked a bit bad. But the way it looks, is fantasic. So nice look, but bad set up on the vehicles.

Walt Disney Studios
NEW Rattouille Ride - This is a 3-D Simulation ride like the Amazing Spider-Man ride at Orlando, there is no visible track on the ground which is quite advanced and you get a mixture of movie and real life objects. So this a must go on ride if you like these sort of rides.
Hollywood Tower of Terror - This one really surpised me,OMG  I thought it was one of those simple up and down rides you see at the carnival, but no it's way more than that. You first start of with the story, which happens when you are about to go the ride. You go into the Libary and the room goes dark and shows a video of the Twilight Zone (You might be able to find it somewhere on Youtube)then you board the lift which holds 21 people and it starts with you stopping on certain floors and seeing corridors.You get these sudden drops which could be small or a lot. It was a lot of fun and a great story to match it. Nod 
Rock n Rollercoaster with Aerosmith - If you like rollercoasters and music, you've come to the right place. This ride is an indoor rollercoaster that has a launch start and has got a couple of inversions. It's a rollercoaster with rock music, what more could you want? This was my favourite ride out of the two parks, I suggest going on this ride at least twice.B-) (Cool) 

That's the reviews, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them I'm back home now, job hunting and will do some more Dark Duelist pics in the near future.

Hope to hear stuff from you all!La la la la La la la la 

BlueYusei :D
Advocate from the Ministry of Joy :lol:

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